How It Works

The fast and painless way to get a website…

Create a Doc File

1 Place in a Word Doc File everything you want us to put on your website pages. Download a sample Doc File.

Send The File

2 Send us the Word Doc File through email. It may take from 7 to 14 days for your request to get processed.


3 Our designers will inform you when your website is done. Click this link to see how the sample Doc file looks as a website.


You will also get a short URL to place in your calling cards (e.g.

See Pricing & Features for more information

Steps to take to get started

  1. Order one of our Website Design and Subscription Packages
  2. After payment confirmation we will email you so you can send us (via email) the complete text and pictures in MS Word DOC file (A4 page format, Arial font 10, single spaced) of what you want to put on your webpage(s). Download a sample Doc File.
  3. Text content in your word document must NOT be longer than 10 pages long
  4. Images must be integrated with text to convey your preferred layout and order of appearance.
  5. Depending on your chosen Package you will have a fixed number of Assisted Layouts per month. You can use them to request for someone assist you in updating your Webpage content. In case of news feed posts, send us details of the post in a word document, taking note of the maximum page length and allowed number of pictures for your chosen Package.