Red and Black

Posted in: Public Galleries- Jun 17, 2011

Black ants, Red legged beetle, Violet flowers and Red Roses. Just some of the usual things that brings color to our backyard. You’d never notice some of them until you stop and look.

Small and Hairy

Posted in: Public Galleries- Jun 15, 2011

This small and hairy guy was resting on a calamansi leaf when I happened upon him. It’s around 5mm long and has hairs decorated with what looked like spider webbing.

Golden Fly

Posted in: Public Galleries- Jun 14, 2011

Got a few good shots of a “golden fly” that measured a couple of millimeters in length. I like taking pictures of things that you normally wouldn’t be able to see with your naked eye.

Macross Models

Posted in: Public Galleries- Jun 05, 2011

A series dedicated to my Macross memorabilia. This set contains 2 Macross Revoltech Figures (“Robotech” in the US), and a 1/48 scale perfect transformation model from Yamato.