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What is OneXHub.com?

OneXHub is a website that aims to give small business folks, sales people, and corner shops the opportunity to get fresh business over the Internet. We can design and host your website on our site for a small monthly fee.

What will my website look like?

We use a design template that is similar to our own website. This allows us to rapidly deploy a features packed website in very little time because the designers are already accustomed to the design template. That being said, it doesn’t mean that all websites will look alike! Here are just some things that can be customized by the designers (or you):

  • Change the background color
  • Set a background image, either as a tiled image or a single image
  • Set the main page layout to full width or boxed
  • Change content displayed below the slideshow
  • Change page layouts and content using widgets
  • Virtually limitless layouts and color possibilities!

See a sample website by clicking on this link

Can I place the website URL on my calling card?

Yes! You will be given a “short URL” (i.e. web address) to place on your card, like: onexhub.com/your-name. Of course “your-name” can be your company name or whatever you choose it to be. Subject to the availability of the name you choose.

What if I want my own domain name like "company-name.com", is that possible?

We always provide all our customers with a sub-folder url for their website (e.g. http://onexhub.com/company-name), so if this is not good enough for you then here’s some other options:

If you already have your own domain name (e.g. “company-name.com”):

Ask your domain name provider (i.e. where you bought the domain name from) to redirect/forward all traffic from your domain to the url of the website we will be designing for you (e.g. http://onexhub.com/company-name). This is best done after all design has been completed.

If you still do not have your own domain name:

We recommend you purchase your domain name from an excellent provider like GoDaddy.com. After purchasing your domain you can ask for help from Godaddy support staff to forward your domain to the website url we will give your site (e.g. http://onexhub.com/company-name).

Note: When you use domain forwarding both domain names will point to the same thing. So you using either “http://company-name.com” or “http://onexhub.com/company-name” will get you to your website.

Can I add/change information on my website on my own?

Yes. You have full control over the content that appears on your website.

What will be the parts of my main website?

The front page of your website is very important as it is the window through which you will have the opportunity to capture new customers, or to grab attention.

  1. Slideshow – Is the main star up at the front of your main webpage. Slider images function to WOW your potential customers and lure them in to get more information about your company/products/services.
  2. Pages – Are fixed parts of your website (e.g. About Us, Contact Us, Our Products, etc). But even though these are “fixed” parts their content can change over time (like when you add new products).
  3. Posts – Are small news like information that you release over time.

See the actual sample website in action by clicking this link
View more websites hosted with us by clicking this link

What software and programming language do you use?

We use the latest version of the popular WordPress software which is written in the PHP language. It uses a MySQL database back-end. All of this is run on an IIS hosting server.

Do I need to learn to administer my website?

No. We can help you a fixed number of times each month (depending on your subscription package). Upon receiving your support request we can log into your website administration back-end and:

  1. Make changes to your existing pages, if you need us to
  2. Post news to your blog/news feed
  3. Change website settings like background image, color, layout, etc


  • Keep in mind that this assistance comes bundled FREE with our hosting and design packages. If you want to add new pages to your website, it is billable and prices are indicated in our Pricing and Features Page
  • Website customizations outside the normal specifications of the theme being used on your website is not included in the free assistance program. However, some customization requests may be approved by the administrators depending on the difficulty level.
Many people use free hosting sites for their web page, what is wrong with that?

In a nutshell, people have different needs. While it is true that a lot of people have the time and knowledge to do these things by themselves, still a great number of people either (1) Don’t have the time, or (2) Do not have the expertise.

Making a Word Doc File and being able to communicate via email is the minimum knowledge required to use our service. Plus, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg too. For a small monthly fee you can concentrate on selling and talking to customers, while we help you manage your web page’s content in the background.

In addition to that, the website design we use is packed full of features you will likely not see on any free site. Here are just some of the best features of our design template:

  • Main Page Slideshow
  • Unique Portfolio Sorting/Filtering with a custom jQuery script
  • Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery
  • Style switching with color picker and multiple layout and font options.
  • Sleek Image preloader
  • Insert Videos using: Youtube, Flash Video, Vimeo
  • …and much more!
Can anyone host a website here?

We accept just about everyone, yes. Unless, if you’re involved in an industry that we do not accept which includes (but is not limited to) pornography, sale of illegal items or services, pirated media, sex toys, etc.

What control do I have on my website?

You have almost full control of your website. Once we have completed the design of the website you can log in to your website’s administration menu and add pages, posts (for news feed), change background colors, upload images, etc. You can change the entire layout of the website on your own.

Warning: Do not change anything you do not understand as it may make some of your website functions unusable. For example, fiddling around the email settings or contact form settings may result in a non functional contact page.

What kind of support do I get?

You will get email support, and a FIXED number of “assisted posts” depending on your subscription.

All of our paid subscription services comes bundled with a fixed number of “assisted post” per month. You can use your free assistance to get support staff to help you with posting updates to your pages or news feed / blog.

Note: The limit to the number of assisted post you will get per month depends on your subscription plan. You should use this when you need help in adding/updating a page/post.

Who writes the content for the webpages?

You do. You must send us a DOC file containing all content and pictures about your business. Download a sample Doc File.

However, if you need assistance in writing good content for your webpage then you might want to consider hiring professional website content writers from where we usually get excellent written content from:click this link to get professional writers write your content

Advice about the Doc File
  1. Make sure the Doc File you send us has been spell checked. The designers job is just to do the lay outs for the web pages and posts. They will not perform spell checking or editing.
  2. Make sure the pictures in your Doc File are high quality. The pictures need to be at least 640×480 pixels, and be very clear for them to display properly on screen.
  3. Do not put HTML or JavaScript codes in your Doc File. They will appear verbatim on your page if you do.
  4. Do not let your Doc File exceed the maximum number of pages or it will be returned to you for modification.
What does the Sample Doc File look like as a web page?

If you’ve already downloaded the sample doc file from the previous question, then you might be interested to see how it looks as a webpage. Our designers takes the Doc File and tries to lay out the web page exactly as seen on the Doc File. However, some content might have more impact if better presented (using tabs, expanding accordion toggles, etc.), so the designer will take that into consideration.

Click on this link to see the webpage generated from the sample Doc File.

What is a News Feed / Blog?

A News Feed is a way for you to provide frequently updated content as a supplement for your webpage. Your main web page is your “company profile page” and you won’t have to change this often. A News Feed gives you a “bulletin board” like thread where customers can see new developments about your company, products, or services. People can also enter comments on your News Feeds, which allows for some interactivity.

When you subscribe to any of our web design/layout packages you will automatically get your very own News Feed / Blog, which will have a dedicated section near the end of your web page.

Here is a sample News Feed Post on our sample customer’s website: click this link

How do I pay for your services?

Our official retailer DalPay Retail handles all credit card transactions. To protect your information we do not store any credit card data on our website and we will never ask for you to send sensitive credit card info via email. Only DalPay who are a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider collects, stores and processes your credit card and billing information. It is a VeriSign 256-bit SSL -secured checkout.

You can pay for the services by clicking on the Buy now! link on the Pricing & Features Page

Can I cancel subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Any subscription fees already charged to your credit card cannot be refunded. Note that your website, including all of your webpages and files will be removed from our server.

Where is the complete Terms Of Service?

For the complete text of our TOS, please click this link.

What if I still have some questions?

We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about our service. Just drop us an email at our Contact Us Page

Where do I sign up for the service?
  1. Check out our Pricing and Features page.
  2. Click the Buy now! button for the service you want to subscribe
  3. After successful payment you will be taken back to our website where you will be given instructions on where to send your Doc File