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Internet Visiblility

1 People can’t find you on the Internet if you don’t have a web page. We can layout and host your page right here!


Blog Style News Feed

2 We’ll also give you a blog style news feed so you can make announcements regarding new products or services.


Advertising Help

3 We can also help you with advertising your new page so customers can find you faster in Google.


Simple and Painless

4 Everything is as as simple and painless as it sounds. For more information, checkout the How It Works page.


How It Works

The fast and painless way to get a website…

Create a Doc File

1 Place in a Word Doc File everything you want us to put on your website pages. Download a sample Doc File.

Send The File

2 Send us the Word Doc File through email. It may take from 7 to 14 days for your request to get processed.


3 Our designers will inform you when your website is done. Click this link to see how the sample Doc file looks as a website.


You will also get a short URL to place in your calling cards (e.g.

See Pricing & Features for more information

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Pricing & Features

We do not permit any illegal/offensive content on our server (e.g. pornography, software or movies piracy, discriminatory content, etc.) We reserve the right to terminate subscription if any subscriber violates our terms of service.

After the initial setup of your website you will be given administrator access to your website back-end. This will allow you to post news and upload pictures to your website without our intervention. You will have full control over the content on your website. Just be careful not to modify anything you do not understand, like those pertaining to email and other technical settings.’s use of a unified theme design delivers quick results. It’s a life saver for people who needs to put out a killer website on a tight budget.

Table 1: Website Design and Subscription Packages
Website Design and Subscription Packages: Basic Premium Professional
Website Hosting Included in monthly price
Integration of company logo Yes, and if you don’t have one we’ll fashion a simple one for you
Email NOT included. We suggest you get a free Gmail account.
Bundled WordPress Plugins Yes
Access to Administrator pages Yes, you can post new blog, pages, change website layout and color, etc.
Can install new plug-ins and themes? No. For security reasons.
Storage Space Allocation 250Mb 500Mb 1Gb
FREE assitance on changing existing webpages (more info)
1 page / month 2 pages / month 3 pages / month
Built-in Blog / News Feed Yes
Your own short URL (e.g. Yes
Built-in share on Facebook/Twitter/Digg button, and RSS Feed Yes
One Time Setup Fee for 4 page website
(main page, contact page, about page, products/services page)
US$ 100
Monthly Subscription Cost US$25 / month US$35 / month US$50 / month
To be charged to your card starting the month after initial setup
Buy now! Buy now! Buy now!
Additional – Web content writing Order from a trusted web content writing site
Additional – webpage customization US$25 per hour
Additional – 1GB storage space US$5 per month

Make sure you have read the Questions & Answers Page
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